Thu, Sep

Saudi to build Islamic University in Afghanistan with $500 million funds


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is due to start the construction work of a major Islamic University in Afghanistan with an estimated cost of $500 million. According to local officials in Nangarhar, the university will be constructed in Ghazi Amanullah Khan township in Rodat district.

The officials further added that the university will be built an area of 100 acres in the vicinity of the township and will teach the students in Bachelors, Masters and Doctors degree. According to the officials, the unversity will also pave the way for the education of students from the other countries. This comes as the officials earlier said the university will be built with a financial assistance of $30 million. The government of Saudi Arabia also signed an agreement with a Saudi construction company late in November 2014 to build a major university for Islamic studies in capital Kabul. The ambassador to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Kabul Abdul Rahman Al-Ghasib said Saudi has always fought against the terrorism and only those who are against the terrorism and extremism, would be admitted in this university to learn about Islam and introduce a moderate Islam to the world. Majority of the Afghan students are currently travelling to Pakistan for Islamic studies, which is a major concern for the Afghan government as religious schools (Madrasas) are playing a major role for the enrollment of militants to fight in Afghanistan.