Sun, Aug

Afghan Students Develop New Software


Muzhdah Hashimi and Agha Mohammad Sahar, senior students at the computer science department of Kabul University, have developed new software that can manage traffic systems.

The software is named Darak and is accessible to everyone all over the country. By installing the software on a mobile phone, the user will be able to find out about traffic incidents nationally.
The software works offline (without internet) and has been written in three languages; Dari, Pashto and English.
The developers of the software say it is easy to use the Darak software.
"Darak can report incidents such as car theft across the country and also send reports whenever a car does not have a number plate. The traffic police should have an account in this system and when they enter their account; they can see all the details about the car and its owner," Sahar said.
They also said Darak software can help in reducing traffic incidents and corruption.
"Installing the software will not take long. It can be implemented in one to two months," Hashimi said.
Agha Mohammad has also helped develop the software last year said it could help in transparency in election and Kankor exam.