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Khost Reconstruction Report


In the series of reconstruction in Khost province this time works of Khost teacher training college has been started.

Khost Reconstruction SeA









Due to the assured security hundreds of projects have been completed and hundred others are still under working. The completion of these projects will not only alter the appearance of Khost but will bring facilities in different parts.

At the time of lying foundation stone (Cornerstone) provincial governor Hukam Khan Habibi said, this building will be built within 8 hectares land, and will be having 25 teaching and other necessary rooms.

Mr. Habibi says, this building will cost totally 19.7 million AFs and the works of this project will be completed within one year.

Mr. Habibi said regarding this project, “I am confident; with the completion of this project more number of problems of the students of TTC (Teacher Training Collage/Center) will be solved. They will be able to carry on their learnings in a calm and secure environment. We try our best to execute some other this kind of projects”.

Mr. Habibi states, they concentrate on Educational institutions and schools unless to diagnose their problems in the fields of reconstructions and other parts, to find budget and to execute appropriate projects.

Same time the assistant director of Khost education department Muhammad Akber Zadran says, previously the teacher training college of Khost didn’t have building and due to this they were residing in one and another place, and the responsible and students were facing with more number of problems.

He says, with the completion of this project the Teacher Training College will not only get a building but the responsible and students will be free of struggles and will carry on their learnings in a stable place.

Mr. Zadran states, this time the Teacher Training College is currently in a private rent house, and whenever the reconstruction work completed they will shift there.

He says in this regard, “I am very pleased for this building that the Teacher Training College will be free of rent buildings and will be having its own building. And the TTC will be shifted to its own building and all of the problems will be eliminated and all of the learning process will get better”.

Sakhi Marjan a student of Khost TTC says, the absence of building was challenging all of the works of TTC and besides this the administrative workers were unable to carry on their works peacefully.

According to his statement, with the accomplishment of this project TTC will be having its own building, and the process of learning will also get better and the students will have a specific address”.

He further says, “The absence of a certain address was created more problems. Even it was hurting teaching process and also the administrative staffs were unable to carry on their jobs properly. If this building completed soon including this it will solve more number other problems.”

The provincial officials insist that the priority is given to education will be executing any projects in the fields of education. They try not only to solve the technical problems of education but also try their efforts for the betterment of education.

The Teacher Training College of Khost, which is named Abdullah Khan Tani, has graduated thousands of students including girls during last six years. Building the minds of the individuals of the society will not only lead the society towards prosperity but the armed opponents who always utilized the ignorance will get aside and the reason is people will get education and will differentiate between good and bad.