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Children are the country's future wealth


Children are an essential part of every society and the future expectation. Governments perform many activities for the best future of their children.

HMD Student


Afghan government in nationwide level also has provided for the children education, health and the possibility of other sectors.

In some remote areas, children are deprived of these facilities because of different reasons.

Afghan government and international community are trying to bring more resources and facilities for children.

In Helmand province also whilst in some areas children are deprived of education, but government has been implemented several programs in education, health, and sport sector.

Children are happy that besides education and sports facilities in schools, they also have access to health facilities.

These children are asked to the families to send their children to schools.

The children also asked the Government to implement more effective and sustainable programs for their proper training.

Child rights activists although happy with efforts being done by the government for children, but said that this area also needs further efforts.

They say children should train more than anyone else, because they are the future of our country.

Also Helmand Human Rights Commission Director Afifa Maroof says, hunger, unemployment, without supervision, and heavy work are friends of the daily lives of many Afghan children, but the most significant problem of Afghan girls that they are married at a young age.

She said it is not only her job to save the rights of children but families also should help in this regard.