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Positive changes in the Kandahar education department


When Gen. Zulmi Wesa, the new Kandahar governor, gave his first speech in Kandahar, he promised the people that he will bring positive changes in education and health sectors. He has already started those changes by appointing a new director of education and said he will soon bring changes in the health sector too.

KDH Education

Taking feedback from Kandahar locals, Gov. Wesa appointed Abdul Qadar Piwastoon as the Education department director. Gov. Wesa discussed how he wants to reduce corruption in the department, and asked the locals to let him know if anyone inside the department is asking for money as a bribe from them. He said that education department is very important place for the future of this province and he will never accept corrupted people in this sector.

Director Piwastoon also ordered the principles of the schools to stop anyone that are making problems in the education department. He told them that if there is anyone doing something wrong which is against the rules that it should be reported to the police. Mr. Piwastoon, who served in this role previously, added, “I came back to Kandahar with my old promises. I did my job in the past but I didn’t finish it. I am very thankful for Gov. Wesa who trusted me to come back and continue my service to my people and finish my job that I left months ago. I want from every person of this province to help me and not allow anyone to do corruption. I want them to stand against them, even if I am doing anything wrong, I want them to let me know.”

Director Piwastoon promised to bring positive changes in the education department and to work to end the corruption. He added that he will concentrate on the district’s schools too, because according to him, “We can increase our number of graduated students only when we have more graduations from the district’s schools. This time I am back with fresh ideas and many other plans and Inshallah with the help of Allah and the tribe leaders we will work on the schools of the districts too.”