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Kandahar police training center and its importance



The Kandahar police training center has trained thousands of police over the last decade. This center has produced many young and strong commanders, like General Raziq and others that are still working for the better future of Afghanistan. The commitment of these policemen has encouraged others to stand up and protect their country as well.

KDR police training center


The Kandahar police training center continues to produce dedicated policemen will soon have 346 more graduates that will be sent to protect different areas of the southern provinces


A new improvement to the training was the introduction of medical courses. The addition of other new facilities and courses have also improved the training. Police students say that they are getting good cultural and Islamic information which is going to help them in their field operation.


Colonel Abdul Shakor Khaldariwal, commander and head of the Kandahar police training center, said students are now receiving training in new tactics, good behavior with people, health care knowledge, and cultural and Islamic information. He says that people are now more interested in joining the police and sending their children to join.


“The young police that are under the training in our police training center came with hope that they will protect their country from every kind of enemies. These youths are working hard so they can be ready for any challenging situation tomorrow,” Colonel Khaldariwal shared.


Ahmadullah, one of the current students, added that not only are they getting specific police training, but they are also getting general education and using the computer lab and library at the center to study. Ahmad shared how the school is reshaping the way the young students see their new roles:


“There are many guys that came here thinking they were going to become like a boss, but after the training, they realize that the police are not the boss – they are the servant of the people.” He added that the students are working hard to learn their roles in service to the people.


First lieutenant Mohammad Zubair Andrani, one of the trainers, shared that they are not only learning to use weapons, but they are also learning how to use logic and effective communication to convince Taliban to give up their violence. There are many more things that police are getting training on in this center which is making them stronger and sharper against the enemy.