Mon, Jun

17,000 youths take university entrance exam in Nangarhar


Thirst for learning among the new generation gives hope for a brighter future in Afghanistan.  More than 17000 high school graduates, including over 2000 females, participated in the university entrance exam in the eastern Nangarhar province.

NGR University Door


Preparations have been made for transparently holding the four-day exam, according to the Provincial Governor of Nangarhar:

“Police and other security organizations have been assigned to ensure the prevention of interference in the exams.”

The head of Nangarhar University added that they are using a biometric system to improve the transparency of this process. He said, “Participation of a lot of youths in the university entrance exam means we will have a big wealth of cadres in the future.”

Zabiullah Zmaray, a member of the Nangarhar Provincial Government, thanked government for taking better measurements to prevent cheating. He urged the government to expand employment for the youths graduated from universities, and added:

“The level of literacy and number of educated youths is increasing in our country because most people know about the importance of education. In addition, education facilities are expanding. In comparison to the past years, there is greater participation of females in this entry test. Inshallah, thousands of our brothers and sisters will be able to go learn in the universities to become doctors, engineers, experts and cadres.”

A participant of the exam from Batikot district, Sadaqat, said he hopes to be a successful to Literature faculty in this exam. He said, “I plan to learn higher education to become capable of serving the country. Many thanks to our government that provided the facilities and opportunities for us to further our education.”

Another participant of the entry test, Mohammad Salim from Behsud district, described education as the best path for development and tranquility of Afghanistan. He added, “Enemies of Afghanistan don’t want the youths to get educated. They destroy schools and Seminaries in order to take away the light of education from the people. People understand that high education levels in the community is a big problem for the enemies because it gets harder for them to misuse youths for their sinister goals.”