Mon, Sep

315 students including 25 females graduated from Helmand university


Sorgul Abdurrahman the director of Helmand university during the graduation ceremony of 315 students said 81 expert and qualified teachers are busy for teaching the students at Helmand university.

Helmand University Students

He said that 25 teachers have master’s degree and 20 others are at the plan of getting their master’s degree and 36 others are bachelors.

He said that Helmand university witnessed remarkable development in the last few years but so far, the Helmand university does not have a proper building. He added that 2.5 million dollars has been considered for the construction of the building.

The Helmand provincial governor Hayatullah Hayat promised to the students that they will be hired for the different posts in Helmand province.

He said that students from 30 provinces of Afghanistan have been enlisted to the Helmand university. He assured that Helmand university will be equipped with high and modern facilities at the future.

Matiullah Mati a local elder said two separate places in different areas of Helmand have been allocated to the university that with support from the local government and Helmand representatives in parliament the building will be constructed according to the national and international standards.

Shah wali Zeyarmal one of the students said I hope the government provide job opportunities for us. We would like to use what we have learned from the university he said.

We learned many things from our teachers in the last four years and we hope to use our abilities now for decreasing the problems of our community.