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Enemies want to ruin education in Afghanistan


The Kandahar governor General Zulmai Wesa says that enemies of Afghanistan want to ruin the Afghanistan’s education system and they don’t want to allow the new generation of Afghanistan to get educated.

Enemies Destroy Education System

Governor Wesa says that people should not let the enemies reach their dreams. People should send their kids to schools so they can get education.

Kandahar governor General Zulmai Wesa share that comments on the first day of educational year in Kandahar.

He started new educational Year with the bill and asked the people to send their kids to schools and allow them to have good future. Governor Wesa said that education is the only key through which Afghanistan can win the current war so the people should take part in it and send their children to schools.

Kandahar Governor Gen. Wesa added, “Enemies can’t see our new generation getting education because they know, if Afghans get education they will never be able to use our innocent people for their wrong purposes. The students, teachers, education department employees and all the families should work hard in providing education facilities for the new generation of Afghanistan so they get knowledge and never get fooled by the enemies.”

The director of Kandahar education department Abdul Qadar Piwaston, says that this year they are going to open 47 schools and they will have reconstruction work in 20 schools. He showed his concern about the girls’ education.

He said that every year they have 13 thousand girls’ students in new admission in Kandahar but according to him, they have only 200 graduates which is a serious problem for Kandahar’ girls education. He asked families in the province to allow their girls to complete their studies and get education.

The director Piwaston says that they are going to be more focused on the education in remote districts.

He says that our districts’ kids should get education too. He asked the tribe leaders to help them in this and tell the people in far districts to allow their kids to get education and help their country in the future.

Piwaston added, “Now we have graduates only from city and nearby districts but we should have graduation ceremonies in remote districts too. We are trying to revive the education system in districts and by the help of the tribe leaders we are going to ask the people of the district to send their children to school.”

People in Kandahar wants education and they always complain about the education system in Kandahar.

Recently they asked the president of Afghanistan to remove the corruption from this administration and put those in the jail that are doing corruption in education. People promised the president that they will send their children to schools but the administration should get cleared from corruption.