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Making Halal livelihood is part of faith


Mohammad Hossain Azimi who sells flowers in his shop said that he comes to his shop early in the mornings to gain Halal livelihood for his family and this is like a kind of worshiping and devoutness.

Halal Livelihood

Azimi said: “I do not only sell flowers in my shop, I also décor the wedding halls, the bride’s and groom’s room, including the religious ceremony hall, and this way I gain Halal money for my family. I’m very keen and interested in my job and I am proud of feeding my family in a legal way. I would like to ask the others to gain money in a proper way as well and not by growing poppy”.

Bismillah, a teenager who fries corn beside a road in Lashkar Gah said: “in the morning I come here and I fry corn and in the afternoon I go to school. This way I do not only support my family but I also get education for the future of my country. I would like to ask the youth and the children not to waste their time. I wish they help their families and to go to school”.

Ostad Jawad, another person who has a four wheels stand where he sells soup in Lashkar said: “I am very happy and I like this job. I make 2000 Afghani everyday by selling soup and eggs. My family is living in Mazar-i-Sharif and I support them well. I endure the hard work and I make effort to support my children and family. I am really involved in my job. I hope to see my son going to university to study in the medical field one day, and after graduation I would like to tell him that he is responsible to feed us now”.

Shafiq Ahmad, another teenager said:”I bring raw corn from Nawah district every morning and then I fry it in Lashkar Gah. I make some money by doing this and I help my father. We have a farm in Nawah and we have grown lots of corn this year. I think we can gain enough money by selling the corn and other things we’ve cultivated this year. I’m proud of doing a hard job, this is a kind of faith, so, at the end, I wish the people of Helmand to grow Halal seeds and gain Halal money”.