Fri, Oct

500 women spent the test on 200 teacher trails in Helmand


Davood Shah Safari, head of education in Helmand, says he will complete a shortage of male and female teachers, which has so far made more than a thousand as a teacher.

He said that a week ago, out of 1,639 tests, 650 teachers were required to take the test, but their shortcomings have not yet been completed.

Because of being able to set up teachers for new schools, he said he has speeded up the examination process for teachers, with schools open to students open to basic education.

He adds that the results of the examinations will be announced by a joint commission after the examinations, so that the winners will receive the highest score.

In 14 districts of Helmand, he has opened nearly 20 schools for students, but for the rest of the schools, he has begun discussions with tribal elders, religious scholars and influential people.

He said families are in charge of raising their children to work with the Helmand School of Education, because if they are not peer educators, they cannot understand their responsibilities further.

The head of education in Helmand says that he has also signed a table and chapel for schools to be distributed in the student's classroom in the near future.

 He said that new textbooks have been transferred from Helmand to Kabul to distribute students, but adds that most textbooks are sent to districts that have more needs in the book.