Sat, Aug

University teachers salary increase signed


University teachers salary increse signedMinister of Finance Dr. Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal - met Minister of higher education, Mr. Obaidullah Obaid - and representatives of University teachers in his office today.

During the meeting, Mr. Zakhilwal addressed the delegation about national budget’s burdens and challenges in future but he insisted on university teachers’ salary increment because teachers are who play key role in educating young generation for the future leadership of the country. The salary increment document has been signed and new structured salary will be issued from the beginning of fiscal year 1393.

Dr. Zakhilwal said“ Even though our national budget is under lots of pressures but  we strive to keep the budget durable and sustainable. This salary increment will motivate and encourage teachers to teach their students properly and comfortably.

At the end of the event, Rept. of university teachers and Mr. Obaidullah Obaid Minister of Higher Education thanked the leadership of the ministry of finance for such a positive step towards teachers’ repeated suggestion. . This salary increment is a great step towards education development in the country. Mr. Obaid added.