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Blood donated to mark World Volunteers’ Day

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World Volunteers Day was marked, with a number of youth donating blood on the occasion, under the slogan of “Stay beside volunteers and identify their share at the society” in a meeting held by joint effort of the Youth Affairs Deputy of the Ministry of information and Culture here in Kabul said.

donating blood 01The agency said a message from Dr. Kamal Sadat, deputy to the youth affairs and acting minister of information and culture, was read out by Hazratullah Sharifi, head of the deputy ministry’s coordination programs.
 “Volunteers are unpaid youth force, who generously working for the people,” the message read adding age, talent and social position have no role in it and anyone with humanitarian idea could partake in the social works and serve the people, said the statement.
The message added that considering the needs within the deputy ministry of the youth, the volunteers department had been established to could better promote and institutionalize voluntary work among the youth.
Abdul Qader Arezo, publication head of the municipality said that the day for the volunteers should be restricted to a single day, but they should join serving the people every day, said the agency. At the end, tens of young volunteers donated blood on the occasion, said the agency.