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A strong nation stands together during hard times

Life and Society

The people of Afghanistan say that they are standing against the enemies who are trying to undermine the government and hurt the country. Locals are standing against these enemies and say they will never stop working for their country. Even though enemies are trying to stop Afghans from development, locals say that progress will succeed and the country will go forward into better days.

The head of Ulama’s council in Kandahar, Mulavi Obidullah Faizani, told Sada-e-Azadi that Islam likes peace and the Afghan government followed the step of Islam by making the high peace council to call the Taliban back to home and asked them to stop fighting and killing innocent people. Councilman Faizani says that if Taliban are real Muslims, they should come and join peace and stop killing innocent people in Afghanistan.

Faizani also condemned the last attack in Kabul with very strong words and he said that there is no place in the whole Islam religion where Allah asked its people to kill innocents that are going to their job. Fazani added, “It’s the month of peace and forgiving but the Taliban and ISIS showed that they are working for someone else not for Islam because they have killed more than a hundred just in Kabul and over 500 people got injured. Allah ordered his people to not even cut the tree in war, and choose peace instead the war, but it’s the enemies of Afghanistan that are killing our innocent people.”

After the Kabul attack, people across the country prayed for the martyred people in Kabul and asked the Afghan government to give the hardest punishment to those that are planning such actions in Afghanistan. The president Ashraf Ghani signed a death penalty to 11 members of the Haqani network that planned that attack.