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Families in Nangarhar affected by terrorism receive aid from GIRoA

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Islamic Republic of Afghanistan doesn’t forget families affected by atrocious attacks of terrorists in this holy month of Ramadan.



Recently, 60 needy people and families that lost beloved members in the recent terrorist attacks received assistance of food in separate events in the eastern Nangarhar province.

Provincial officials expressed support and sympathies for martyrs who lost their lives in fighting against Daesh in Woch Kot village of Achin district.

Six locals including a woman were martyred and three others including a woman were injured in the brutal attack of Daesh on the mentioned village a few days ago, officials stated.

Provincial Governor of Nangarhar Mohamamd Gulab Mangal praised the families for defending their villages and homes.

He said, “You are proud families of the heroes. They lost lives in order to protect their villages, homes, children, men and women from brutalities of Daesh. You are not alone. We are one body and will never be separated.”

Hajji Menar who lost a family member in fighting against Daesh said that the locals used what they had to fight against the terrorists.

He thanked government for the support and promised that they will never stop defending the country. He said, “It is our country and we will defend it until the last soul.”

Meanwhile, Director of Labours, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disables provided assistance of food to 52 families from different parts of Nangarhar. Head of the Directorate Abdul Hakim Shirzad stated that the assistance was comprised of 12,500 US dollars in flour, tea, rice, sugar, oil, beans, detergent powder, salt and other items.

Ajmal Omar, a member of the Provincial Council, appreciated the people’s support for security forces and the government in ensuring security. He said, “Government and people being united strengthens the country’s efforts toward prosperity and peace.”

Zahir Khan, whose house was destroyed and who lost agricultural harvests in the recent fighting between Taliban and Daesh in Chaparahar district, thanked the government for the assistance.

He emphasized that the government should be supported in fighting against the enemies of Afghanistan.

He added “I hope there is no Taliban, Daesh and other terrorist groups in our country. We hate them because they are coming just to harm the innocent people and destroy our country. It is because of those terrorist groups; I became needy and lost the harvests that I was earning to feed my family.”