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Efforts are underway to make to Kandahar a “Clean and green city,” thanks to US support

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A new US-funded program in Kandahar will not only provide job opportunities, but make the city of Kandahar cleaner and more beautiful.

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The “Clean and green city” program was created after hearing input from Kandahar locals. The Kandahar governor, Gen. Zulmi Wesa, and Kandahar Mayor, Eng. Roshan Walasmal, recently inaugurated the program, which will cost 1.8 million dollars, funded by USAID.

Mayor Walasmai said that they have designed projects across 15 districts and have shared it with locals. He also mentioned that there are many other projects for the Kandahar city, which will make the city more beautiful and clean. He said that they have one other project of 32 million dollars which will be spend in five years in different parts of Kandahar city. Mr. Walasmal said that in that project, the Kandahar municipality will go to each district and will ask locals what they want to do first. He added, “The Kandahar municipality is working to apply all those projects that are important in this city. Our priority is to make roads, streets, get the government lands back and make the Kandahar city greener. I want from all the people of Kandahar to help us and let us know if they are facing any kind of problem.”

Governor Wesa praised the Kandahar municipality as one of the most active municipalities in the country. Mr. Governor thanked the employees of the municipality for working honestly in Kandahar city and providing all the possible facilities to the people of Kandahar. Governor Wesa asked the people to help the Kandahar provincial administration by providing information about any wrong activity in the city and let them know if someone is asking for money from them. The Kandahar governor says that he is very serious about corruption.

The governor added, “The Kandahar provincial administration is in the service of the people and they can share their needs and problems any time they want. The doors of the Kandahar provincial administration is always open for the people of Kandahar. I am thankful for mayor Walasmal who really applied some very important projects in Kandahar. I am looking forward for some more development projects in Kandahar city.”