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A symposium for women conducted in Kandahar

Life and Society

At a symposium on the promotion of women in the southwest, the Governor of Kandahar, the Minister of Women's Affairs, his government and non-governmental Arak, participated in a large number of women's representatives.

Kandahar Women Symposium

The governor of Kandahar, Zalmai Wesa, at the symposium, said women should be involved in all matters of life, and without women living incompletely.

The Minister of Women's Affairs Dilbar Nazari who was affiliated with the number of colleagues from Kabul, during this symposium, assured the women in the southwestern region that you were not alone; the ministry is ready to support you, which you want to do with you, and he said that this symposium The purpose of the hearing was to raise women's hearts in Kandahar.

In this symposium, the women of Kandahar expressed their views and expressed their commitment to the participants.

It should be noted that this is the first time this Symposium is being launched for women in Kandahar.