Sat, Jul

Helmand's youth are more interested in working in government offices.

Life and Society

Akhtar Mohammad Azizi, head of the Helmand Administrative Reform, says that with the security situation improved and the government's opposition to the suppression of the government has now increased, youth interest in government agencies has increased.

Azizi says that for the 370 posts announced to be announced, eight thousand candidates have been nominated to serve as government employees in government offices, which, according to him, countless young people have made the government more trustworthy.

He says the recruitment process is transparent, which is why the interest of educated young people has increased, young people, most of whom have high education, in the future will attract more people's trust.

He said women have more and more interest in working in government departments, Azizi added, more than 600 women are candidates for government positions, most of them with higher education.

Mohammad Qasem graduated from a construction engineer who says he has come to the department to register, so he will be able to post to us at his post.

He says he wants to work in the government, he will serve in the reconstruction section for the people of this province, he said he is now pleased with being able to register.

Shegofa says women have already trusted more than before and now want to serve as a government employee for the people, she said, now that most women have taken up the registration process.

She added that women can work together with the men of society to flourish in their country, and there is no problem along the way, which, according to her, can lead women's departments.

Helmand provincial council chairman Ataullah Afghan said he expects to be screened after the end of the state-run recruitment process, which he said will allow those who have the talent to work in government departments.

He said provincial councils always support transparent processes in order to fulfill the wishes of the people next to them in order to expand government.