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Promoting a culture of study is the responsibility of every Afghan to invite people to read a book

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Farid Ahmad, Farhang Director of Helmand Information and Culture, says she has taken a program in which she distributes books to invite young people to study. According to the program, in the center of Lashkar Gah and districts, young people are given free books to study, he added. Those who receive the book are required to bring it to the rest of the book after the study.

Farhang has added that there are public and private libraries for studying youth, he called on young people to join the campaign to invite everyone to study.

Ataullah Wesa, the head of the Penal Road Institute in Helmand, says that the books have been freely available to them, and everyone has helped them as much as they can, he said that the books will be made available to young people to revive the study culture.

He said after this book, the youth are responsible for buying books and studying them. He added that the 17th libraries will be opened in the streets of Garishk district for young people in the coming days, Wesa says that young people should be encouraged to study because of the shortcomings that are now In the case of young people, studying is eliminated.

Mowlavi Sobhanullah is one of the greatest scholars of the religion. He has referred to the book, saying that the scholars of religion play a major role in this promotion, he said after reading what he has taken, he gives the people through the pulpit.

"Religious scholars have a key role to play in society, but other educated people are also struggling for society's brightness and ways," he said, adding that young people do not waste their time by completing the study instead of being busy with their vacancies.

Civil society activist Mohammad Roody says civil institutions play an important role in promoting study culture, he says people are all responsible for encouraging their young people to study, he said there are many shortcomings. By joining this campaign, encouraging most young people. Can study.

He added tribal elders, religious scholars, families and young people all joined the process in order to be able to revitalize society by studying and revitalizing a part of the forgotten culture.