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People are responsible for using Helmand's seawater.

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General Helmand Governor Mohammad Yassin Khan visits various parts of Kajaki Bay, also assesses the water and electricity situation in the Kajaki district, told reporters that Helmand people are keen to take full advantage of Helmand's water use and irrigation.

He said that each day the water level is reduced, if people do not pay attention to water, they will face water shortages, he said, stopping the irrigation tunnel now because people in Helmand and Kandahar province do not have electricity shortages. Water is removed from the turbine sector only for agriculture.

He said the water level has declined in total, but said the water jacket in the Kajaki district is decreasing every day, as the drought has had its effects on this.

The governor of Helmand says that people will be informed about various issues so that people's level of consciousness goes up and is prevented from using inactive water and electricity.

Engineer Nasrullah Qani, head of electricity in Helmand, says that because of water scarcity, power generation has also declined, and if there is no precipitation, it's likely that power turbines will turn off.

He said he wants people to work hard on electricity and water, because if the Helmand residents do not care about the water, it's likely that the electricity of the houses of the people will be turned off.

He added that for the people of Kajaki and Heavy districts separate stations were built to use regular electricity, but he said people in these districts are required to pay electricity.

Helmand's head of power added that Kajaki power plants were already producing 42 megawatts, but now 32 megawatts because of the lack of water.

Engineer Ahmad Shah Khairi, head of agriculture in Helmand, says that people in Helmand's districts will have to crop up too much crops to avoid water shortages during the year.

He said that because of low rainfall and drought, the water level has fallen, if people do not care about their crop yields, they cannot irrigate all their land.

He said the water level in the Kajaki district has decreased by 14 meters. This is a very bad news for the landlords. If they do not care about water consumption, their fields will not be waterless.