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Skills lead to earn legal income

Life and Society

It is early in the morning, the birds are singing, the sky is blue, the fresh wind blow up, the people are walking on side of the road and shopkeepers are opening their shops, but Bismillah Ahmadi is busy with work.  

Daily, he opens his shop early in the morning right after he finished his prays in near-by mosque. He said Sada-e-Azadi that honesty and neatness are two keys of success that helped him have work in shop and earn good legal income. 

He daily earns around 1,100 up to 1, 700 Afghani that help him continue on normal life in Kunduz.

He appreciates the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) for maintaining better security and defeating the in Kunduz.

Ahmad is not only Afghan citizens who condemn the coward act of Taliban by killing innocent people, blowing up bridges, cutting power-lines, shutting schools and collecting illegal taxes base on order of outsiders that have no place in Islam and are totally against national interest, Baktash Sadat is another one.

He is a cake and cookies seller in Kunduz invites the Taliban militants to join peace and melt like a sugar within the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan by upgrading their knowledge in field of government and leadership not criminal act which is not sign of Islam or freedom Afghan.

Baktash and Noor are optimistic toward their future since efforts of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and International Community (IC) are undergo to bring peace and positive impact has in Afghanistan.

He daily sales around 9,000 to 21, 000 Afghani which is sign of good market and positive impact on security situation and business in Kunduz.

It is vital to mention that Baktash with better income and Ahmadi with lower legal income are having better life in Kunduz. They are happy since they earn legal income not illegal from force of weapon, drugs or serving outsiders.

The request youths to learn skills and do not listen to wrong propaganda of enemies that lead them to death.