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The new elected Director for the Helmand court pledged to fight against corruption. The new appointed Director for Helmand Court Lal Aqa Patwal, promised that they will arrange all the activities on transparent, and will fight against corruption.

Patwal to Fight Corruption


Afghanistan is united country that is made of different tribes. The people of Afghanistan have no problem between each other and they support the unity between each tribe. They have helped each other in hard times and they hurt for each other when there are problems. Some people recently tried to create problems between the tribes and challenge the government of the people.


Every society consists of women and men. Women represent half of our population, so their involvement in development, peace, and democracy is vital.

The different regions of Afghanistan each have recipes which they take special pride in. For example, in the eastern provinces, like Khost, the people take special pride in dandakai.

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