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Farid Ahmad, Farhang Director of Helmand Information and Culture, says she has taken a program in which she distributes books to invite young people to study. According to the program, in the center of Lashkar Gah and districts, young people are given free books to study, he added. Those who receive the book are required to bring it to the rest of the book after the study.

The security forces and public got close to each other compared to any other time. They help each other in different parts, often they call join gatherings and they have advice to each other about the extension of the sovereignty of the government, tightening security and public order. So it’s the reason that the security condition in Khost is assured compared to any other time.

People of Khost always try their best to praise their security forces unless to give further courage and to give them extra moral and to defend bravely from own country and people.

We also conducted an interview with a police officer who is recently praised by people. And to know what this honoring was about and how much he is influenced let’s read it in this interview.

Question: What’s your job and your name?

Answer: My name is Abdul Shukor and I am the responsible of the operation of Khost police head quarter.

Question: Recently a number of police officers and soldiers were praised including you, what was the reason that you were being praised by public?

Answer: You know, that good and bad people have conclusions if a person does good works in the society they will be praised and as well as it’s good principal of praising and punishment, and boost the morale of a person.

We carried our jobs faithfully and cordially and tried to implement the law, and to obey the order of our seniors, to serve better for the people and to perform the assigned duties properly and need to carry these entire job in the frame work of law.

So occasionally people praise police officer and soldiers, as we appreciate them, as I am honored by the public I am reaching to the positive conclusion of my activities, still I insist that the efforts are not the last one but will try to earn the hearts of people.

Question: How long have you been performing job in police forces?

Answer: I have been performing job in police ranks since from last five years, and its fifth time that I am praised by public with letters of appreciation and medals.

As I have the job of planning in Khost police head quarter, so it seems that we are succeed in our plans so that people praise us occasionally and I can say confidently that I carry on my job very cordially and I am proud that I am the officer of the ranks of Afghanistan national security forces.

Question: Honoring and praising of you by the public how much it will influence you future careers and responsibilities?

Answer: There is no doubt, that praising of someone having positive result, so it will definitely having positive effects. It will motivate us further unless to carry on the assigned duties properly and will draw our attention to our responsibilities and this kind praising having positive effects on our spirit besides the activities of other police and they are also encouraged to perform their job well.

Question: What’s your great ambition which you wish to be fulfilled?

Answer: My great ambition is the sustainable peace in Afghanistan unless to be ended the existed misfortunes and to live in peace and the shed of our mothers need to be weep off, whose children are the victimized of the ongoing war.

Reaching to this goal of mine I am ready even to sacrifice my self unless to live other patriots in peace and love.

At a symposium on the promotion of women in the southwest, the Governor of Kandahar, the Minister of Women's Affairs, his government and non-governmental Arak, participated in a large number of women's representatives.

Kandahar Women Symposium

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