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Selfless service to the people


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Sada-e-Azadi recently spoke with members of the ANDSF to ask how they feel about serving.



One 23-year old soldier who leaves behind his child and family members in a province hundreds of kilometers away to serve his fellow Afghans in a different province, told us why he happily serves:


“I am lucky to be among thousands of other brave professionals in the security forces. I joined the Army after I graduated from school and I am proud of being in service of my people, our country and Islam.”


He continued, “Local people see honor in me and look at me with pride for what I am doing. I see many families and children looking to us as their defenders, and I will never fail in my duty to protect them. I shall serve my motherland until my last breath and I will even encourage my children to join the army. It’s an honorable job.”


Ali, another brave Afghan son who joined the army, is currently serving in Baghlan. He explained: “All Afghanistan is my homeland, and I am proud of being in service of all Afghans, regardless of ethnicity, and I shall fight the terrorists and enemies of our country who want to harm my people.”


Ali continued, “The ANDSF are protectors and defenders of individual rights. Our security allows people to carry on their normal life without fear.”


Brigadier General Sayeed Qurban Mussavi, Chief of Staff for the 20th Pamir Division, explained that a major motivation for security force members is ending the oppression of their fellow Afghans:


“Security forces are conducting operations with high morale, inflicting heavy enemy casualties and seizing and destroying tons of explosives and munitions. Recently, we have killed top Taliban commanders in Northern provinces, as well as many of their fighters. We are conducting operations in areas where militants have traditionally oppressed people. The ANDSF will fight each day to end this oppression.” 


Brigadier General Abdul Hamid Hamidi, the Kunduz ANP Chief, praised each member of the security forces for their professionalism and bravery, and added: “Plans to build bases in those areas where the Taliban are present are underway. We will find where they move and we will counter their activities. We will establish our presence to send a message to all people that the ANDSF is here to give them a peaceful life.”