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62 Taliban killed and 40 wounded during recent ANDSF operation



The ANDSF with support from the NATO air force conducted an extensive operation on Monday night (03 July 2017) over the Taliban locations in Nawah district of Helmand province last night Abdulghafar Safi the police headquarters said.

Helmand Fatilities


Safi said during the night operation in Nawah district, 62 Taliban were killed and 40 wounded. He also said that the Afghan commandos have also conducted night raids in some areas in Nawah that some Taliban prominent commanders like, Haji Ahmad, Faizi, Saqib and Haqbin were killed. Seemingly four other Taliban commanders have also been killed he said.


He added that the Taliban 4 vehicles, 18 Motorbikes, two heavy machine guns and some more weapons with ammunitions have been destroyed by the commandos last night. Furthermore, he added that the ANSF are going forward.


Abdul Khaliq one of the Nawah residents said Taliban have not showed any resistance against the ANSF and they were fleeing the areas. He said the Taliban could not carry their dead bodies due to more casualties.


We want the ANSF to capture Nawah, people are tired of Taliban and their cruelties. They collect money from the locals and extort money by force he said.


Gulab Jaan another resident of Nawah said, people hate Taliban because of their illegal activities and behaving. As the ANSF have started operation, will be much appreciated by the locals.


Locals are always supporting the ANSF, they give information about the locations of the enemies to the ANSF. If the ANSF can once again be welcomed by the locals if they capture the district from Taliban he said.