Mon, Jun

Coordination gatherings key to improving security


The Helmand governor Hayatullah Hayat held an Advisory meeting with the members of more than 40 local councils, elders and youths Sunday.

Helmand Advisory Gathering


The governor said that we need such advisory gatherings for maintaining security, preventing corruptions and injustice, minimising crimes, and bringing reforms to the local governance and military. “We need everyone to share their ideas with us for a better commitment and reform,” he said.


The governor added that the security forces are battling against the enemies throughout the province in order to maintain peace and security to allow locals to go about their daily routines. Furthermore, we need the ideas of the local elders as well to share with us for the betterment of the situation, he added.


Governor Hayat stated that the door of the governor’s house is always opened for the people and if they have any criticism or ideas, they can directly share with him.


The head of the provincial council, Mohammad Karim Atal, said the people should support the ANDSF in the ongoing fight for maintaining security in Helmand.


He added that the enemies are not only killing the innocent people but also trying to create gap between the nations. People should be aware and defuse the enemy’s plans.


For getting rid of this situation, fighting against corruption and bringing reforms, the local governance need the people’s support, he explained.