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Importance of unity of people, security forces in ensuring peace



Unity among people and security forces brings achievements in improvement of tranquility, fighting against enemies of peaceful Afghanistan and counter narcotics efforts.

GEN Rahman Rahimi


Security Officials reported that as a result of successful military operations in different parts of eastern Nangarhar province, terrorists received heavy casualties and remarkable achievements occurred in fighting against narcotics which is the main financial source of terrorist groups.

Police Chief of the province, Gen. Abdul Rahman Rahimi stated, “During 27 aerial and ground military operations in different parts of the eastern Nangarhar province, 104 militants killed, 41 others wounded and 100 suspects arrested. Also, 27 heavy and light weapons with 14861 bullets, military uniforms, explosives and eight vehicles belonging to militants and criminals seized. In addition, 16 vehicles and two heavy weapons belonged to militants were destroyed. Eight IEDs planted by enemies of Afghanistan were defused by security forces; as a result, lives of hundreds of countrymen were saved.”

He added that eight Taliban and Daesh militants arrested on the spot and they are under interrogation.

Security forces’ achievements in counter narcotics are also notable. “Security Forces conducted operations on five heroin labs where thousands of kilograms of narcotics destroyed. Thanks to brave police, 500kgs heroin and opium were also seized that were intended to be smuggled in ten vehicles. 10 people were arrested in linking to the seized narcotics” Gen. Rahimi remarked.

Four militants encouraged by police laid down their weapons and joined peace process in Nangarhar, he added.

According to Gen. Rahimi, police have arrested 99 criminals involved in 81 different criminal acts including robberies, kidnappings and they have been handed over to justice organs.

He reassured the countrymen, by improvement of security forces’ professionalism, equipment and cooperation of locals with their security forces, terrorist and criminal groups have been heavily suppressed.

Hajji Hayat Khan, a tribal elder from Kot district, insisted that criminal and terrorist groups attempt to achieve their sinister goals by breaking unity among Afghans through implementing different plans.

He praised security forces staying close with their people and thwarting most destructive schemes of enemies.

He said, “History of Afghanistan shows there is unbreakable unity among different tribes as well as among security forces and people. Inshallah, as a result of the joint efforts of people and security forces, the enemies of developed Afghanistan will never be successful in achieving their sinister goals.”