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ANDSF real servant of Islam and Afghanistan


Hakim is a soldier and father originally from Helmand, who as part of the ANDSF, has been serving the nation in the northern part of our country. He and his team are tasked to shield civilians from Taliban militants who perpetrate criminal activities for no reason other than personal gain for their absent leaders. 

Esmatullah FMT BGLKunduz North

“Taliban proven themselves that they are bunch of criminals, hated by the people, committing criminal acts for happiness of their bosses, not people of Afghanistan. Taliban value nothing but betrayal for their personal gain. They’ve proven over and over, they are not warriors, they are not brave, they are not moral and misuse the name of Islam to commit un-Islamic acts against their fellow Muslims,” remarked Hakim.

It is not only Hakim who left behind his family and children vowing to defend our homeland, our rights, dignity, heritage and honor.

Shafi is another brave son of this motherland who left his home right after his engagement in Faryab, to serve his country out of a sense of duty. With pride he said, “Nothing is important for us than protection of our people and our nation. Since Allah assigned us here to serve, we will never rest to protect our people from the enemies.”

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan launched Operation Pamir 10, following Pamir 9, in response to requests of local people made through elders to keep Kunduz free of Taliban cruelty and stop their illegal tax collection.

Shafia FMT BGL

General Amanullah Mobin, Commander of 209th Shaheen Corps is proud of the ANDSF for their dedication, motivation, professional acts, the protection of innocents and their commitment to fight and destroy Taliban. He said, “Taliban leaders are sending their fighters to slaughter by elite and well trained ANDSF who do not fear death for themselves, but only for the safety of others. They embrace danger for the safety of others, service to Islam and the people of Afghanistan.

Local people heavily praise the ANDSF and have said the Taliban have been pushed further away. “Taliban mostly hide among civilian houses, forcing us to cook them food and do not allow us to leave the safety out of our homes,” said Qauom 29 year old local residence of Tala-e-Ka area of Kunduz. “It wasn’t until Afghan security forces came and the Taliban fled the area. I deeply thankful for security forces who they save my dignity and my family.”

ANDSF operations are still ongoing across Kunduz, searching and identifying enemy hiding places thanks to carefully provided information by those enemies who have quit fighting against Islam and the people.