Sat, Jul

560 new ANA soldiers complete training in Helmand


Helmand Governor Hayatullah Hayat, provincial council Director Mohammad Karim Atal and members of the military council, attended the graduation ceremony of 560 ANA soldiers from 215th Maiwand Corps.

Colonel Shahwali Zazai, the 215th Maiwand Corps training Center commander, said that 560 soldiers have been trained at high level.

The Provincial council director Mohammad Karim Atal, said ANDSF is our honor, and they protects the country and people.

Atal pledged that the nations would be supportive with their security forces in all conflict and security activities, and would strong the help and cooperation with ANDSF.


Helmand Governor Hayatullah Hayat insisted that ANA would continue struggle for protecting the country and the nations.

General Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai, commander of the 215th Maiwand Corps, asked all the graduated soldiers to use the skills taught at the battlefield.

Mr. Ahmadzai said, in this educational center the soldiers trained directly by coalition forces teachers and Afghan teachers.


He said that all these soldiers are present, who defend themselves from all over the country.

The graduate soldiers also pledge that they will use skills of education use in the battlefield, and will serve to the people and country.

At the end of ceremony, graduated soldiers got the certificates.