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Oqtash District Released from Taliban Harassment


Oqtash with population of over 9,853 families locates in southern part of Kunduz. This district emerged after first trip of Dr. Ashraf Ghani – president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on side of other districts in Kunduz province.

Oqtash area

Since then, the local government launched number of welfare projects in newly established district that provide job opportunity for many locals. But Taliban Mansori’s operation not only stopped those projects in the area, but Taliban burn down government properties, damaged schools, blow up bridges, plant roadside bombs, destroyed the power line, destroying people’s live-hood, and killed innocent people.

People were tired of their rude and unwise actions along paying them illegal taxes until request security forces and local government to launch operation and free them from Taliban rude enrolment.

Toryali Rahmi 31 year old local residence of Oqtash said Sada-e-Azadi that moments under Taliban enrolment were full of depression that caused many families dispatched from the area using darkness due to the cruelty and inhuman act of those criminal groups.

“Taliban called us infidel. They didn’t react as we are human; instead they called us so rudely and thought like we were their salves. We had no freedom at all,” said Rahimi.
“We were told to let houses door open. No one dare to close it, after one did such mistake to close his house at night where Taliban badly beat him up and re-warn that no one dare to close their doors. No one had their freedom. Thanks Allah and security forces free us from their cruelty.”

Recently the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) launched Pamir 11 operation in Oqtash district of Kunduz after locals request security forces to help them release from Taliban cruelty.

Mohammad Aly Yazdani – commander of commando company station in Kunduz praised great moral of security forces stated that Taliban militants don’t have ball to fight security forces face to face. Instead they hide among civilian houses. “Taliban can’t fight security force in open battle, that is why they use civilian houses to target security forces,” said Aly.

“Taliban do this since they can’t hold ground in open battle with security forces. Life of people has value for Afghan security forces. This is the reason that operation last longer and Taliban fake clime are strong and security forces can’t face them. If they have ball and think so don’t hide among civilians house then we shall show them what is what?’ Aly added that if Taliban won’t take local as shelter then ANDSF finish them in quarter of time.

Najibullah Sorosh ANCOP officer expressed his happiness due to the close collaboration exists among security personals stated that Taliban send low ranks for slaughter while their leaders are sitting in air condition rooms and seek opportunity to negotiate for their own comfort.

“Taliban fake claim serve Islam, people and Afghanistan. They do care about nothing. They use Islam as tool to overcome their mislead demands,” said Sorosh.

“If not then why Taliban do things against Islam like killing innocent people, mistranslating verses of holy Quran for their own purpose, do suicide in mosque, and target people time of pray, blow up bridges and do many other sinful acts that all against Islam and constitution of Afghanistan. Reality is that they really don’t care about Islam, people and Afghanistan, what only they care is order of their bosses that whatever it be – nothing more.”

It is vital to mention that with total number of 30 Taliban militants has been killed during Pamir 11 operation, with total of 37 strong handmade roadside bombs defused and bases inaugurated in Oqtash district and security situation is well control of security forces and local government are now have undergo program to restart those welfare projects once stopped.