Sat, Jul

Taliban suffered heavy casualities in Farah province


Taliban group in Farah province, suffered heavy casualties and their financial resources including drugs were lost during the operations.
The Farah governor's spokesman, said the ANA, police and NDS staff, in cooperation with NATO forces, were able to have good gains in military operations.


He added that more than 50 armed Taliban were killed and 170 mines were discovered and defused in the Balabulak, Bakvah, Khake Sefid and Poshte Rood districts of Farah province.

The governor's spokesman for Farah says the Taliban have been committing massive crimes during the current year, such as using civilians as shield during the war, blasting the bridge, roads, schools and other public projects.

According to him, if the Taliban did not give up on these acts, they will be killed by Afghan Security Forces.


On the other hand, Farah police spokesman said Taliban's drug crops have also been eliminated during military operations.
He added that with the destruction of drug crops, Taliban experienced the greatest economic downturn.
The residents of Farah praised the performance of the Afghan and NATO security forces and announced their support for these forces.