Sat, Jul

Dagger Operation Show how ANDSF is strong


Afghan security forces conducted a week long operation in Shahjoy district of Zabul province and show their power to insurgents.



Zabul Police deputy commander Col. Ghulam Jaliani Farahi also involves in operation said the operation was under name of Dagger with ANA, ANP, ALP and NDS participation.

“Recently Taliban terrorists increased their activities in Shahjoy district and pose some threats to civilians and Afghan Local Police check posts so officials planned this operation to clear the area from their presence and improve security in the district” he said.

Col. Farahi said during one week long operation 17 villages local to north and west parts of Shahjoy district center was cleared from Taliban, 22 terrorists were killed 16 injured and some of their artillery was destroyed by Afghan forces.

Before Shahjoy Afghan forces conducted the same operation in Arghandab, Mizan and Shinkay districts and according to official that resulted to disrupt Taliban spring operation in the province and insurgent suffer heavy casualty.

Haji Akram resident of Shahjoy district said the Dagger operation was very powerful and he show how afghan forces are strong and equipped now.