Sat, Jul

Locals are thankful to ANDSF in Haska Mina district


People appreciate security forces for the ongoing military operations in different parts of the country in order to expand peace and safety nationwide.

6 NGR Police Cheif Abdul Rahman Rahimi meet with local shopkeepers

He said: “ANDSF will not let a single militant to take breath of convenience because they are a headache for people and our sweet country. We need to demolish them in order to make our country peaceful and safe for everyone living here.”

Lt Gen. Rahimi walked around the district Bazaar, participated in a gathering with locals and observed the current security situation in the area. “We see that the shops are open. People are engaged in daily businesses for earning licit incomes. It is the aim of ongoing military operations to provide peaceful environment for the people to perform their daily duties without fear.”

Lt. Gen. Rahim also said, “We are going to be in close coordination with the locals because closeness of locals with their security forces is very essential for improvement of security. It is not the last and first time we are sitting with the elders and locals to discuss issues.”

Secretary of Nangarhar Provincial Council Zabiullah Zmaray expressed happiness about improvement of security in Haska Mina district as result of the military operations. He said, “All militants will come under strikes of security forces, if they continue fighting against our people and government. It is mercy of Almighty Allah we are having strong security forces who day and night endeavor for safety and tranquility of their people.”

Security officials provided cash donation to the affected families’ members and rewarded security forces. “I really appreciate the government for helping us in hard times. I also thank security forces for making sacrifices for our protection. Today, police chief gave me 40,000 Afghanis. It means they do what they can to solve our problems” Rahimullah who lost a brother in recent armed clashes.

A tribal elder from Haska Mina Mirza Khan thanked security forces for accurate raids against prominent leaders of Taliban and Daesh groups.