Tue, Oct

ANDSF continue to suppress terrorists


Afghan National Defence and Security Forces together with International Partners endeavor to provide peaceful environment for the people of Afghanistan through suppressing the enemies of peace and humanity.

3 NGR military operations

Recently, 45 Daesh affiliates killed only in one day during ongoing military operations in Achin district of the eastern Nangarhar province.

Spokesperson of Nangarhar Provincial Governor Attaullah Khogiany stated that the militants were killed in Mamand Dara and Makrana villages of Achin district in aerial strikes and ground operations of security forces.

“The strikes occurred against sanctuaries of Daesh in the mentioned areas, as a result 45 affiliates of the group killed, several others wounded. Foreigners were also among the smashed terrorists. In addition, tens weapons caches were destroyed.”

Spokesperson to Nangarhar Police HQ Col. Hazrat Husain Mashriqiwal insisted that efforts have been accelerated and new plans were developed in order to improve security in different parts of Nangarhar.

He added, “ANDSF becomes remarkably professional and stronger. The recent achievements are the proof. Accurate strikes against militants’ locations, improving relations and coordination with locals and damaging the armed opponent groups extraordinarily expresses there is strong commitment in suppressing militants.”

Asmatullah Shinwari, prominent tribal elder from Nangarhar appreciated efforts of security forces for improvement of security in their area. He said, “Everyone wishes to live in peace and security is the most needed factor. We want nor Daesh neither Taliban. We want strong government to take care of all needs of people.”

Meanwhile another resident of Nangarhar Abdul Rahman believe that the enemies of Afghanistan became weaker and the recent armed clashes between the militant groups means they lost way as a result of successful military operations of security forces.

“Armed clashes between Taliban, Daesh and other militant groups are increasing. They are fighting over financial sources because they were heavily suppressed and their resources destroyed. Recently, a Taliban commander and three other Taliban members were killed by their companions.”

He thanked security forces for sacrificing in ensuring tranquility and urged people to help security forces in achieving this goal. “We need to be united against the terrorists who are standing on edge of defeat.”