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Kot is peaceful now


Hard stance of ANDSF supported by locals resulted I squashing the activities of enemies of peaceful Afghanistan in different parts of the country.

Koot District Jirga

Inhabitants of Kot gathered in a Local Jirga to appreciate ANDSF and International Forces for suppressing terrorist groups and ensuring security in their area. In addition, the Jirga talked about returning of displaced families to their homes and solution of problems in different sectors. 

Kot is located in 30km of the provincial capital Jalalabad. ISIS-K group attempted to utilize mountainous geography of the district for making sanctuaries but the terrorist group was heavily defeated during military operations.  

Now, local bazaars are open, people working in agricultural fields, boys and girls go to school, clinics provide health services, reconstruction projects are ongoing and security posts are active in strategic locations for stable peace in the district.

District Chief of Kot Sayed Rahman insisted that it was the heroism of residents raised against the enemies in support of security forces.

He continued, “People of Kot got the freedom and prosperity of living without fear by unity and cooperation with their security forces.”

Mr. Sayed Rahman stated that two ANA bases were constructed in order to ensure permanent security in the area.

He pointed out to the former situation, “Neither people, nor animals were safe when terrorists came here. Slaughtering innocents, disrespecting of honour and humiliating national and religious values were natural acts of the terrorists. The residents were obliged to escape because they were facing a cruel enemy.”

The District Chief believes that terrorists will not dare to come to the district however if they came again, they will face another shame.

Hajji Hayat Khan, a prominent elder of Kot, recalled that now is the time to work for reconstruction and development.

He said, “We have good security and peaceful environment now. Now we need to endeavour for reconstruction and development of our area as we did it for freedom.”

The elder welcomed the new US strategy for Afghanistan. “As we know, enemies of Afghanistan will face harder strikes of ANDSF and International Partners. They need to come to the negotiation table or will be demolished” he stated.

Another tribal elder of the district Mirza Khan insisted that people noticed benefit of cooperation with security forces. “We are ready to support security forces anytime and at any situation. Most of our youths are joining the local police in order to protect their villagers and families from cruelties of Daesh and Taliban.”