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Helmand Residents says based on new US strategy, Taliban should join peace process, or should be killed


The residents of Helmand say that the US strategy is beneficial to Afghanistan, and supports it. A number of religious scholars in Helmand say that based on the new strategy, the Taliban will joint with peace process, otherwise they will killed.


Helmand Province religious scholars council director Mawlavi Khudai Nazar said, the US strategy is for the benefit of Afghans and Afghanistan.

According to him, now the Taliban need to join a peace process.

Mawlavi Khudai Nazar adds, they strongly support the Afghan National Security Forces and residents should also strengthen their support from the security forces.

Abdul Ali a tribal elder of Helmand province, says that the new strategy of US is very important for the stability and security of Afghanistan, and they also strongly support this strategy. HE added that now the armed Taliban are required to join the peace process, and the Taliban should realize that there is no chance of success.

He said that the new strategy not only will lead to security but also lead to economic strengthening, rebuilding and development.

Nazir Ahmad Irshad a resident of Lashkar Gah City, added that recently the assistance of international forces was very influential with the Afghan forces, he said the best example is  the Nawa and Greshk districts of Helmand province, which RS and ANDSF killed the important Taliban commanders.

Naqibullah Another resident of Helmand province says that the Taliban do not have any other way without peace, and international air strikes have been very much in recent times and Taliban will not protected from any such attacks. Naqibullah says that no one can destroy the current government.

Ahmad Wali, a civil activist of Helmand province, says that the new strategy of America is very important.
Ahmad Wali said, United States has renewed its permanent commitment with Afghanistan once again.