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TB should make graves for them or joined peace process


Abdul Raziq Asakzai, the police chief of Kandahar province says that from now Taliban should joined peace process or they need to make graves for their selves.

General Raziq The police head of Kandahar 3

He said that Taliban had plan to create problems in Kandahar, the same as they did in Helmand and Urozgan but they had faced with great Air strike by the Afghan and NATO forces.

He says that Taliban had plan to collapse the Naish district of Kandahar and then attack on the Tareenkot of Urozgan.

He says that some Taliban were hide in Shawalikot district too, that came all under attack by Air and ground forces of Afghanistan.

General Raziq Asakzai says that many of Taliban had plan to create security problems in Kandahar and have looting in this province but according to him, Afghan forces didn’t allow them to reach to their dreams and killed them with all their dreams.

He added that RS support is very important and their Airstrike are always helping in targeting the Taliban’s hidden places. He farther added that ISIS are no more in southern provinces and they have been killed by the Afghan forces. He says that people also stood against them and clear the area from this group.

General Raziq said, “There was news about ISIS in Helmand but those insurgents were killed by the Afghan forces.”

He says that the new strategy of USA is very important for Afghanistan and according to him, he is supporting it. He says after this strategy US will target the hidden places of Taliban and they will help Afghan forces with Airstrike which is very important and essential.

He added that from now the southern provinces will be cleaned completely from the insurgents and first their hidden places will be targeted by the US and Afghan forces Airstrike.
General Raziq says that more than 15 Taliban leaders, in which their governors and deputy governors are also included came back to their country and joined peace process that was started by General himself and he believes that he can bring others too.

He believes that peace is much better than war and that’s why he is giving life guaranty to those Taliban that are coming back to their home and joining peace.