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ANDSF Capability and Weakness versus the Fraud of Taliban


The Taliban militants seek to underestimate the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) and use fake propaganda to lie to the Afghan people, saying ANDSF is weak. But ANDSF continued to defeat them and prove that our security forces are capable, well organized, professional, and have strong morale.

Great Moral of ANDSF in line of duty after new US policy announce FMT BGL

The Taliban militants continue to misuse Islam and holy war.  Qari Rashid religious scholar in Baghlan believes that Islam is religious of peace, unity, brotherhood, civilization, and overall paths that lead human being toward brightness and heaven.

“Using name of Islam, mistranslation of holy Quran verses or doing anything wrong is act of evil and those who do so shall reward hell not heaven.” He believes that those seek to do wrong acts aren’t Muslim and has no relation with Islam.

Abdul Shapoor Qadiri, professor assistant in Baghlan University states that Taliban should understand this fact that with doing disruptive act shall never rely on power again in Afghanistan.

Instead it would be wise to join the Afghan Peace and Reintegration Program (APRP) and move along international partners toward civilized Afghanistan.

“Taliban should seek to see Afghanistan blossom, act as Islamic government, vow to serve people of Afghanistan and lead it toward good fortune and secure stability as government and international community vow do so,” said Qadiri.

“Same vow and combination can come together if Taliban accept government and welcome peace process as government of Afghanistan with support of international community keep doors open. Through this Afghanistan will enlighten further and bloodshed will be replaced by success and good fortune.”

Because of the Taliban who refuse to join the peace process, the government of Afghanistan launched a number of operations in Baghlan, Kunduz, Takhar, Badakhshan, Balkh and now in Faryb under Naweed 3 operation with aim to restore law and order in in Dawlat-e-Abad, Khowja-e-Sabsezpush, Shrin-e-Tagap and other spots that locals complain from rude behave of militants and doing criminal act there.

“Taliban as bunch of criminals, murders, law brokers, brained-washed militants, slave groups, illiterate and mislead armed militants follow plans of enemies by killing innocent people, blowing up bridges, cut off power pillars, burn schools, collect illegal taxes and do many more illegal works that is against Islam and constitution of Afghanistan,” said Captain Qudos of the ANA.

Now is the time to stop this evil and join the peace process.