Sat, Jul

Greshk residents vow to continue cooperation with ANDSF


In the Greshk district, Helmand province, security officials , tribal elders and several civilians have attended in a big meeting, they emphasis on joint cooperation, which will continue and strengthen.

Greshk Residents Vow

The meeting was set up for the civilian’s cooperation strengthen and their support from current government and ANDSF.

The District Governor of Greshk Muhammad Saleem Rodi and the staff Director of ANA in Greshk District Ehsabu Din, said by the support and cooperation of Greshk residents they have stopped and destroyed the Taliban attacks and plans.

Provincial Council Director Mohammad Karim Atal, said the collaboration of Greshk residents   was useful and effective, which has prevented the Taliban's major attacks.

Tribal elders in Greshk district said we strongly support from ANDSF, and fully cooperate with the government, but the government should strengthening their relations with the nations.

Representative of the people of Helmand in the Wolasi Jirga Mirwali Hemat praised the security forces activities.

Mr. Hemat added, in a joint cooperation, they have defended from Taliban attacks in Greshk district and this cooperation would always remain.