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ANDSF Freedom fighters – Taliban coward fighters


Local villagers from Esa-e-Khail, Dorman, Meir, Kharotei, Wardakeha and surrounding villages of Chahardarah village of Kunduz honor the successful operation and bravery of Afghan special force during night raid operation in Chahardarah village of Kunduz province resulted law enrolment in vast area of there and put end in illegal movement of Taliban militants.

Shamsulhaq is proud of being member of ANDSF FMT BGLKunduz North

The Taliban militants used to collect illegal taxes, punished innocent people, blow up bridges, cut power lines, plant roadside bombs, and implement all disruptive acts their bosses asked them do so.

Fortunately the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) managed to kill with total number of 35 Taliban and defused 16 mines, sized 3 rangers and demolish huge stock of ammunition of Taliban militants used for disruptive activities.

 Major Nassratullah Jamshidi, chief press of 209 Shaheen corps is pleased with bravery, dedication, professional act, enthusiasm, loyalty, following chain of command and joint act of security forces in line of duty and area of operation stated that Taliban has no place to ran, if they won’t join the Afghan Peace and Reintegration Program (APRP) .

“ANDSF with great moral and capability stands against illegal armed militants with aim to maintain security, enroll law and defend from Islam, people and Afghanistan,”

Toryali, a 28 year old driver in Kunduz believes that Taliban morale compare to morale of Afghan security forces are so weak, but they mostly hid among civilians.

“Taliban seek shelter among civilian and use them against security forces for their own protection or warn people not to speak in case of hidden among those houses,” said Toryali.

“Taliban militants aren’t true Muslim. They just follow all those disruptive acts that their bosses ask them to do so. They won’t consider neither Islam, nor people or Afghanistan.”

Mullah Noorullah, 45 year old local residence of Emam Saheb believes that Taliban did enough wrong works, instead it would be good for them to surrender and start peaceful life.

“Taliban under name of Islam committee so much sinful actions that neither people nor God can forgive them for all those sinful acts against people and national interest of Afghanistan,” said Sharaf. “Real Muslim rejects fight. Instead they invite all side in peace as government dose, but unfortunately Taliban reject so besides declaring Islam follower.”

He added that reality on back of fake declaration of Taliban is that they won’t fight for Islam or Afghanistan. Instead they are bunch of slave fighters who they follow all those disruptive acts as their bosses ask them to do so, otherwise even child now knows that they are doing wrong.

It is vital to mention that during another ANDSF successful operation with total number of 20 computers, 23 BM rocmets, 19 rounds of rockets, 50kg of almonumen powder, 4 different weapons, 23 roadside mines demolished in Sagani village of Chahardar village of Kunduz.