Mon, Oct

The NATO air support causes successfulness for ANSF


After the announcement of the US new strategy for Afghanistan, air force support for the Afghan National Security Forces in the battlefield has increased and also soldiers morale.

Aerial Support Increases

Abdul Afghanyar, one of the police officers in Gereshk district of Helmand said that during every operation which has been conducted NATO Air Force has supported the ANSF on the battleground and this was very helpful.

During the operations which were conducted in Zamboley, Haydar Abad and Nahre Saraj areas of Gereshk, the role of NATO air force was fantastic, so if they continue this procedure, the success of the ANSF operations will increase Afghayar said.

Captain Abdul Manan Khinjani the commander of 3th “Tolay” of the forth Brigade of ANA added that ANSF were always busy on the battlefield, but since the new US strategy, ANSF achievements have improved.

He commended the Resolute Support Mission for helping the ANSF from the air and causing Taliban defeat.

“The Afghan National Army soldiers are professionals, they have access to good weapons, and they have an Air Force and other good fighting equipment which lead them toward achieving our goals”, he said.

Ali Ahmad, a tribal elder in Lashkar Gah said that ANSF and NATO have a very good coordination nowadays; it can be seen in their strength and effectiveness. If the ANSF and NATO continue their good relationship and coordination, soon the ANSF will clear other places of Taliban presence.

Haji Akhtar, one of the Sangin residents said while the NATO aeroplanes fly, the Taliban get scared even at the remote areas and cannot rise their heads up. In order not to be targeted by the air force Taliban change their locations regularly and their commanders cannot stay too long in one place, Haji Akhtar added.

Helmand governor, Hayatullah Hayat said that the American drones are flying for supporting the Afghan National Security Forces on the ground and the ANSF are being encouraged by that. The ANSF and NATO have worthy and effective coordination which is really good he said.