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Residents of 3th police district of Lashkargah returned to Normal lives


Dadullah one of the Bolan residents said after one year me and my family are going back to our home to start a normal life so it is one of the greatest moment that I have ever felt.

Boulan Residents Returnes

I am grateful of my Brave and professional security forces that provided us such a good opportunity and ousted the Taliban from our villages he said. all those residents who had left their houses will be going back he said.

Haji Zahir another resident of Bolan said I could not go to my house in the last one year because Taliban were using my house as shelter. Now the ANSF have removed the Taliban so it means that a new life has been donated to us he said.

He added that Taliban have stolen all my house items so I am compelled to buy new equipment for my family.

Haji Torjan the representative of the 3th police district in Municipality Shora said last year locals left their houses as Taliban infiltrated to their villages but now people will be settling back to their houses. 

It is necessary that the government should support the people to build their houses because Taliban have stolen everything and even they have burnt some houses he said.

Omar Zowak the Governor’s spokesman said the families who were affected during the fighting will be supported by the government. the support will be some cash and clothing he said.

He added thatThe Afghan forces have defused all the dangerous Items from the local’s houses which were placed by the Taliban and now they can live safely. 

Colonel Abdul Qadir Zahir the chief of staff of 4th border police brigade said the ANSF have gone forward according to their plans and so far, 20 Taliban have been killed.

The ANSF are determined to clear the Taliban out from whole Nad Ali district and the areas around Lashkar Gah he said.