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Tons of narcotics torched


ANDSF endeavour not only in ensuring better security but also in fighting against the entire anti-Islamic phenomenon including drug trafficking, cultivation and production. Recently, 13 tons of different narcotics were seized by security forces and torched in the eastern Nangarhar province.

NGR Narcotics Torched

While torching the narcotics in presence of a delegation in Sorkh Diwal area of Rodat District, acting Provincial Governor and Police Chief of Nangarhar Gen. Abdul Rahman Rahimi stated that the narcotics were seized during 1393 and 1394 solar years in different parts of the province.

He said: “the torched narcotics included heroin, opium, alcoholic beverages, morphine, hashish, caffeine and other types of drugs. 336 persons were also arrested with 23 weapons and 143 vehicles in relation to the torched narcotics.”

Gen. Rahimi also said that production and cultivation of narcotics is not only destroying the lives of our people but also provide financial sources for enemies of Afghanistan and defame identity of Afghanistan internationally.

According to Gen. Rahimi sixteen tons of other narcotics were seized by police in the past two years and they will be torched too after going through the legal process.

Lieutenant Mohammad Ihsan, an official of Interior Ministry Counter Narcotics Secretariat stated that Counter Narcotics Police destroyed 20 drug labs and more than 30 tons of drugs during special operations in different parts of Nangarhar in the last year.

He added: “those who are involved in drug trafficking, production, usage and cultivation will be arrested and punished for the crime.” Meanwhile, Religious Cleric Mohammad Mutahir insisted that whoever is involved in drug dealing is doing a great sin.

He said: “drug dealing is like armed men are killing innocent people. While drug traffickers are expanding the poison, they are also providing financial resources for the groups shedding the blood of our people. I urge them to invest their energy and money on licit business in order to work positively for the community.”

According to officials, more than 800 poppy cultures were destroyed in different parts of the province this year.