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Badakhshan People Vow to Support Security Forces and New Strategies of International Community


Religious scholars, teachers, elders, social activists, and influenced member of society vow to support the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) in gathering station in Badakhshan HQ.

Badakhshan People Support

The total number of those reached to over hundreds of participants gathered from various districts believed so fighting with enemies, restoring law, brining security, detaining militants or security matter is not only job of security forces, but it is task of individual Afghan members who they live in Afghanistan should act as responsible member of society by reporting any suspected movements for nearby checkpoints or call to 119 free-line.

Ghollam Haydir Amaj. Chief council of Badakhshan residence is please with close collaboration of people with security forces added that neither Taliban nor any other illegal armed militants have place among people in society. Instead all is not more than hated groups who they act as order of those bosses who they sat to see Afghanistan in ashes again. “Taliban shall take this hope in grave as their leaders did to collapse Islamic government of Afghanistan with existence of international partners using name of Islam or brain-wash young adults by the name of Maddressah or pay money for members who have no knowledge and send them in war against well equip and well trained ANDSF for slaughter,” said Haydir.

““I am Muslim. My father is Muslim. My grand, grand  and grandfather was Muslim. All people of Afghanistan is Muslim, so now sadly some bunch of mislead militants came and teach us Islam. I ask those fake characters that what act of you fraud militants stand like a real Muslim. In which part of Islam has written to kill innocent people, blow up bridges, collect illegal taxes, cut off power lines, burn schools, or fight own Muslim brothers.  I know it hasn’t written, but it is you and other fraud people to follow infidel paths and forgotten Day of Judgment. God shall punish them with maxima punishment in day of judgement by sure. Now they might mislead illiterate people of Afghanistan by mistranslating verses of holy Quran, but rest knows who really you are?”

Haydir is not only one who condemn Taliban inhuman act, but Atash-poar is another one who is religious scholar believes that Taliban or other illegal armed militants use name of Islam, but in reality they are not more than slave or bunch of criminals who work for outsiders and have no independency.

“Enemies of Afghanistan always come across approaches that relates to Islam till they could earn their benefit and bad name Islam in eyes and believe of people,” said Atash.

“At first people were sad to see those Islam players by doing so much wrong related to name of Islam, but now they don’t pardon themselves since they aren’t Islam followers. Instead they are spies, slave militants, bunch of criminal and losers who want to bring insecurity and damage in Afghanistan. we count on security forces that shall teach them good lesson as they thought their leaders like Mullah Helal in Baghlan, Mullah Salam in Kunduz, Mullah Baqai in Badakhshan and rest on other parts of the country.”

It is vital to mention that participants expressed their happiness toward new strategy of America and international partners toward interest of Afghanistan and targeting heaven of Taliban and all those militants outside Afghanistan added that security and prosperty shall return soon.