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Peace and Tranquillity Hopes


Gen. Mohammad Ayoub Husainkhiel, 1st Zone Border Police Commander’s greater hope is nationwide peace and tranquillity in the country. He has been serving in the cues of ABP for the past ten years. Before becoming commander of 1st Zone, he was working as chief of staff of the Headquarter.

NGR Operations Hussainkhil

From the childhood, he loved to become member of ANDSF in order to play his role in strengthening the government, ensuring security and safety of the respected countrymen from harms of the enemies. Luckily, the enthusiasm and love made him capable to join ANDSF and perform his responsibilities very successfully.

“Borders are the protection walls of the country. Whenever the borders are well defended, the people inside the country are safe. During my leadership in ANDSF in different parts of the country, several plots of terrorists were thwarted and their commuting ways into the country were blocked”, he stated.

According to Gen. Husainkheil, professional leadership plays important role in increasing the moral of the security forces personnel in fighting against the enemies of peaceful Afghanistan. “Our security forces are awakening lions. Lion is the king and symbol of strength.  The enemies can’t fight face to face with the brave and well equipped national security forces”, he insisted.

Border police and all members of ANDSF can’t accept invasion of others on their beloved land from the side of anyone. He hopes to drive as ANDSF general from one corner to another corner without any bodyguard. He emphasized that good security is the hope of everyone and every resident of the country should do their best for improving security.