Tue, Oct

ANDSF operations in Nangarhar successful


Militants attempt to harm the innocent people of Afghanistan but the national security forces fight against them in order to protect the respected countrymen. According to officials, remarkable achievements occurred in fighting against criminals and terrorists in the eastern Nangarhar province.


Police Chief of Nangarhar Gen. Abdul Rahman Rahimi said, “In the past two weeks, 117 militants were killed and 10 others were wounded. 74 others were arrested over suspicious relations with insurgents and 43 were arrested for different criminal activities including kidnapping, robberies, land grabbing or murder during joint military operations, patrols and checkpoints.”

Security Forces also seized 36 heavy and small weapons. In addition, ANDSF defused 11 IEDs and seized hundreds of rounds for different weapons.

Gen. Rahimi also said that security forces are successfully fighting against narcotics too. as a result, they seized 2476 kgs of different narcotics including opium, heroin, hashish and others.

He added that three militants who were operating in Chaparhar and Pachir Agam districts joined the peace process and handed over two AK47 as well as one RPG launcher.

“There are two options for militants. They should lay down their weapons and respectfully return to their community or they will be destroyed by well-equipped and well trained security forces” Gen. Rahimi warned.