Tue, Oct

Professional Act of ANDSF


The Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) in professional act and précises intelligent report targeted the nest of Taliban in Faryab province. Colonel Nassratullah Jamshid, chief of Shaheen 209 press, expressed his gratitude toward bravery, dedication, motivation, enthusiasm, loyalty, following chain of command and professional act of ANDSF in open battle and night raid operation stated that no enemies shall be safe in nowhere.

ANDSF Professional Acts in North

He said, “Taliban are not more than a bunch of slave illegal armed militants who vow they work and fight for interest of Islam and people but in fact they do so for outsiders. If they do call themselves Afghans and care about Afghans and Afghanistan then why they kill literate people, why they blow up bridges, why they burn schools, why they do so many other inhuman acts that cause national damage.”

Mullah Naqibullah Faroq, 46 year old local residence of Baghlan, believes that no literate people shall support Taliban or any other illegal armed militants.

Farooq said, “They must know how they misguided and how many sinful acts they committed and why soon they should ask for forgiveness. Otherwise, I am sure ANDSF with the help of international community, will finish them all and security along prosperity will be restored all around Afghanistan.”

Mohammad Feroz Bikzad, local resident of Maymana, believes that fighting is not a win situation for solving internal conflict in Afghanistan. Instead, it would be wise for Taliban or any other illegal armed militants to join the Afghan Peace and Reintegration Program (APRP) and take part in renovation of Afghanistan.

“Three decades of war in Afghanistan proven that fighting is not the solution for reaching peace or prosperity but accepting each other is”, said Mohammad. “Why Taliban or any other illegal armed militants do not accept the offer of the government and international community to join the peace. Otherwise, government will win the war today or tomorrow.

It is worth to mention that ANDSF during recent operation in north managed to kill over 98 militants, defused a total number of 22 mines, 5 grenades, seized over 8000 bullets, defused huge catch of ammunition, and cleared vast areas in North of the presence of Taliban and restored the law and order there.