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Narcotics bring insecurity


Cultivation, production, usage and trafficking of narcotics are common financial sources for terrorists to carry on the illegal war against Islamic government and Muslim people of Afghanistan.

ANDSF Counter narcotics efforts

Security Forces continue their tireless efforts in order to enforce the order of holy Islam and dry out financial sources for the enemies of peaceful Afghanistan through countering narcotics related activities.

National Defense and Security Forces made remarkable achievements in counter narcotics efforts in Eastern Nangarhar Province. 

The spokesperson of Nangarhar Provincial Governor, Ataullah Khogianai, reported that 91 narcotics cases have been prevented by Counter Narcotics Police in different parts of the province during the past few months.

“As a result of checkpoints, special operations and searching, Police seized 800 thousands kilograms of narcotics, mostly heroin. In addition, more than fifty drug traffickers have been arrested. They are handed over to justice organs for getting sentences”, he said.

Experts believe that drug dealing not only increase the number of addicts but also cause increment of insecurities in the country.

A religious cleric from 4th PD of Jalalabad city called upon honest Muslim people to stay away from what is illicit based on the teachings of the holy Islam: “Terrorists deceive people by misinterpretation of Islamic lessons. Meanwhile, the groups do anti-Islamic acts like encouraging farmers to grow narcotics, especially poppy, and performing drug trafficking as well as providing space for drug labs in the areas of their control”.

A farmer from Khogiani district’s Wazir Village Sayed Gulab insisted that he stopped growing poppy when he understood it is harmful for the society and forbidden in holy Islam: “I saw several people were addicted to drugs. I thought as I am growing poppy, I am involved in putting them in misery. Then I started growing licit food.”

He added: “I earned more money from growing vegetables than from growing poppy. When you do good activities, Almighty Allah rewards you!”