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The Man who saved thousands of lives


Thousands of people lost their lives because of the mines in Afghanistan and this process still continues. The insurgents are placing the mines for the security forces and the local people are getting hit by these mines. In the same time the Afghan security forces have defused thousands of mines that were planted by insurgents in different parts of the country.


One group that says that they are Muslims and they are working for Islam are killing innocent people and on the other side, the real heroes are saving the lives of people by defusing these mines.

Sirajudin Afghanmal is a young police officer who is working in Panjwai and Miwand with Kandahar police and till now he defused more than ten thousand mines. He says that in the last 12 years he has defused more than ten thousand mines in Kandahar province that were planted by the insurgents to target security forces and local people. Siraj saved more than ten thousand lives and he still continues it.

Siraj is a police officer who is working in engineering team of Miwand and Panjwai and he says that Taliban are using different types of mines but according to him he defused all kind of mines and he will continue defusing it because he believes that he is doing a more honorable job than any other in this country. He says that he is saving the lives of people and that is making him the most happy.

He added for Sada-e-Azadi, “We always overcame the plans of insurgents and we defused all types of mines that were made by the insurgents. I know it’s not easy to do this job but I accept all danger because I know I am doing something good and I am saving the lives of my people.”

He says that they got all types of equipment for finding mines from Afghan government and RS forces but he says that there are some types of mines that are not detectable by the mine detectors. He says that they are not leaving those mines that are not detectable but taking that out using other tactics.

He says that they are always getting trainings in Kandahar and also in Kabul regarding different types of mines and the ways of defusing them. Siraj says that Taliban are always placing mines in those areas where they have lived or where they have their checkpoints so the Afghan security forces didn’t reach them easily.

Siraj says that Taliban are also using tactics to put mines again in those areas which have been cleared by the Afghan forces. “Most of the time, the target of these mines are the local people who have no idea about the mines and they are getting hit by it.” Siraj says.

He asks from the people to help them by giving information about all suspicious things near them so the police check them and if it’s mines they can save the life of people by defusing it.