Sat, Jul

Joint Act Result Success


The Afghan National Defense Security forces with help and support of international community defeat the Taliban Manssori operation not only in Kunduz, Baghlan and other parts of the country, but they advanced wider their operations by fighting and chasing Taliban from village to village.

Brigade General Abdul Hamid Hamidi the Kunduz ANP chief praised the motivation and enthusiasm of Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) for serving Islam, people and motherland with soul and sound putting their life in danger to see others live in peace and sovereignty across the country said that Taliban with fake propaganda put no place for themselves among people.

Instead the Afghan security forces with professional acts and bravery shown by defeating the Taliban and save many lives kept as hostage around the country.

“All warzone locals experience the brutality, inhuman act and rude behave of Taliban,” said Hamidi. “No those cowards remain alive. Those outsiders sent to hell and save lives of many.”

The Afghan elite personal with professional act and bravery not only defeat the Taliban, but save life of those innocent people kept as hostage by Taliban in Kunduz.

Among many one is Sharif. He is local resident of Emam Saheb of Kunduz who said Sada-e-Azadi with humble voice that Taliban aren’t Muslim. Instead they are bunch of criminal and mislead illegal armed militants..

“Taliban fought Afghan security forces sheltering innocent people in many cases where one I was me who they put near door, but fortunately ANDSF with professional act save me and kill those all,” said Sharif.

“I owe life. ANDSF not only return my freedom, but saved my life. Those professional elite personal easily distinguish between innocent and those criminals. They all killed and freed so many families like me from their harassment.”

Sharif is not only one kept as hostage in Kunduz, but many other experience such cruelty, coward act of Taliban, but bravery of Afghan security forces fighting and saving lives.

Colonel Jamshid Rashidi the 209 Shaheen corps press chief believes that Taliban will not cope to fight Afghan security forces in a minute if not hide among civilians.

“Taliban call themselves brave, but aren’t more than bunch of coward and illegal armed militants,” said Jamshidi. “Fortunately, now people of Afghanistan know the capability of Afghan security forces along coward act of Taliban militants in Kunduz and other parts of the country.”

It is vital to mention that now the Afghan security forces are heading toward nest of Taliban from spot to spot by allocating fresh personal and building bases in Kunduz.